Sunday, April 3, 2011

bribe and human governance

"Dianggarkan RM108 bilion yang sepatutnya menjadi pendapatan negara setiap tahun lesap manakala lebih RM10 bilion lagi dipindahkan secara haram ke luar negara"

i am trying to come up with my own opinion based on my understanding. please correct me if i am wrong...

i don't want to comment about this article. i just want to share with the world about how to be ethical in many situation for the sake of others, not only for our self.

first thing is about the bribe or corruption.

it is difficult to differentiate between bribe, gift, entertainment and personal interest and others term used in this situation. how to determine whether it is a bribe or not. sometimes the things that are not material, we call it as 'duit kopi' or 'nah, upah'. OR in the other situations such as 'million $$ under the handshake' and 'i don't want this car anymore. u can keep it'. nah! which one can be classify as bribe??

bribe is so subjective. a couple of months ago one of the managers from private sector had gives a speech to an event. and i was there. at the end of the event, i asked him about entertainment and bribe. can we classify entertainment as a bribe? it is difficult to differentiate because the use of entertainment in corporate culture is very common. he said 'as long as it's not against your belief and u still can sleep in the night, it is okay to give or receive. but i still keep on thinking it is wrong. i don't know. it is just opinion for my first thought.

guys. come on. back to the basic. back to our religion, belief system, culture, and ethics. as long as we still hold tight on 5 pillar of life:

1. safeguarding faith

2. safeguarding life

3. safeguarding intellect

4. safeguarding posterity

5. safeguarding property

and the most important think we know the purpose of our life....i think it could assist us in our life to be ethical legally and morally.

as long as what you are doing is under your job responsibility, and you are being paid for the job that you performed by your employer, you must not to take anything from someone else for your own interest, to smoothness their transaction or occupation (or any term else which is considered base on situation). but somehow, the gift should be disclose in financial statement by some company. it's required in FRS (i will check it again and come up with reference).

we are not talking about corporate governance. but we are talking about governing our self, as a human. corporate is just a dead party which is organize by human that make all the policy. at the end of the day they also make corruption.

bribe is prohibited in Islam so do to the other religion and belief. all human are subjected to this fact. but yet, a lot of people make bribe as their 'culture'. we as a new generation should take this as our responsibility to make a change to this culture. it is not only for our self, but also for the sake of people who is still live in poverty. I am as a young generation will accept any build comments from the outside.

here i would like to thank to the person who initiate the human governance policy in this region, Prof Dr. Arfah Salleh, dean of GSM and her writing partner YB Prof Dr. Aziuddin Ahmad also from GSM UPM for the knowledge shared.

please feel free to google these 2 famous Human Governance people.

think about this

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